Why Is Denmark Such A Thriving Place For Tech & Entrepreneurship?

Government investment and support

Becoming a digital nation

Back in 2018, the Danish government launched the ‘Digital Growth Strategy’, a program aimed at establishing Denmark as a digital hub. The government recognized that if Denmark can create the right conditions for Danish companies to utilise the newest technologies, every Dane and the nation as a whole can gain from the digital transformation.
The strategy consists of 38 initiatives, which are allocated a total of 134 million EUR from 2018 to 2025 and 10 million EUR onwards per year.

Digital Growth Strategy is grouped into seven key initiatives:

  1. Digital Hub Denmark – a partnership between the public and private sectors to facilitate businesses’ access to expertise for a stronger digital growth
  2. Digital enhancement of SMEs – supporting small and medium-sized enterprises towards digitalization
  3. The Technology Pact – initiatives aimed at strengthening the technical and digital skills of Danish people
  4. Strengthened computational thinking in elementary school – make technological understanding a mandatory subject in primary and lower secondary education
  5. Data as a driver of growth – facilitate businesses’ access to useful public data to provide a catalyst for growth
  6. Agile regulation for new business models – more agile regulation will allow businesses to experiment with new business models
  7. Strengthened cybersecurity in companies – improve cyber and information security in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Making AI a priority

In March 2019, the Danish government launched the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (NSAI). The vision is to make Denmark a leader in the use and development of AI technologies and to empower companies to use AI to gain competitive advantage.
To support the NSAI implementation, the government is set out to invest 200 mil EURO in digital and artificial intelligence (AI) research and pilot projects.

Number 1 in Europe for ease of doing business

In the World Bank Doing Business Report, Denmark placed 1st for the ease of doing business in Europe and 4th worldwide.
The report looks at dimensions of the regulatory environment such as legislation for starting a business, getting credit, paying taxes, resolving insolvency, and labor market regulation among others.

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