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Safi IT Services is a leading information technology, consulting and business process IT services company, focused on most Innovative Software, logo design, web & mobile application design and development, artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud computing, ICT infrastructure, Hardware supply and configuration, Data Intelligence and Telematics technology. Our specialist knowledge in a variety of industries enables us to realize innovative solutions by linking people, technologies, and ideas. With years of experience of dedicated technical specialists in the field, we are capable of building and integrating new and innovative technologies into relevant business solutions for our customers.

Founded to serve small to medium size businesses and corporations in choosing the best value IT solutions. Along with, providing them with uncompromising on-going support with their IT infrastructure. We have grown to a team any mid-size or large corporation can count on, as an extension to their own IT department to assist with IT projects or provide on-going IT Support. In brief, looking after all their IT needs, while they can focus on their own business.

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